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   You would like to emigrate?

But immediately do not want to give up your existence in Germany?

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The project – Immo-Italia

The project Immo-Italia is a private project to the construction of a refuge in Apulia (south Italy) for the security of the quality of life and to the creation of future security. The project is laid out on a group by fifty families or individuals who support themselves by the preparation, realisation and later on site mutually.

The linking of the example of the quality of life with that of the lastingness seems indispensable before the background of big global challenges for the future. At the same time a common realisation of the Auswanderns (no matter whether consistently or only at times) fulfils the needs for affiliation and social contacts: Family, friends, neighborhood, love and affection, care on the one hand and promotes the signs one‚ good society‘ how freedom, social security, justice, equal opportunities and protection from criminal activity.

Immo-Italia – a strong community for security and a good future

  • You want to emigrate?
  • You want to acquire a yield object favourably?
  • You need an amortising investment?
  • You want to take vacation in own house or enjoy later your old age in own property in wonderful Italy?

An initiative of the Immo-Italia

Hope is strength. It is so much energy in the world than hope is in it.
(Albert Schweizer)

With our project you receive the basis any time Germany to be able to leave, at one time you yourselves can determine!

Make with us the preparations for specific lasting and sure emigrating!

Or use our project for the capital protection, generation of rental incomes or vacation in own domicile.

Take enough time to the reflexion and weigh you which advantages our project offers you. Incorporate your family and discuss together, why it itself repays with our project to take part.

And because emigrating energy costs, it is the more important to have a flawless planning. We pave the way for you and plan according to your interests and claims. Transparency and traceability comes first for the group.

The idea for this project originated when in our active circles the call for emigrating became always pure. From the considerations of the singles there originated fast a group of five people and it crystallised immediately out that everybody wanted the same one, Emigrate because, only how? Each of us is independent, the question after an income cannot be answered abroad so simply. Aggravatingly still came that we own all Immobiles which should not be given up. It was worth a “king’s way” to find.

For and again was intensely discussed. Advantages and disadvantages were weighed out.
In the result the situation presented itself clearly. Best of all, one could plan emigrating in the long term and Step by step. Many ideas flowed in and thus the plan on the following points increased: Capitalisation, amortization, appreciation of value, rental incomes (holiday renting), owner-occupation and emigrating.

We were inspired by our idea and always new positive aspects have come in addition. Of course we are all Italy fans what has made easier the thing.

The draught became more and more logical and some meant what for five goes, also goes for fifty and thus the idea originated for this project. Support mutually fifty parties who want to the same one and themselves. A nice plan.

Thus we resolved to bundle up our capitals forces and at the moment are to be acquired briefly before it the first suitable property. Then this will serve on the one hand as an office for the project and offer on the other hand the possibility that we can offer free of charge nice lodgings to all which take part in our project, so that everybody can make to itself on site a picture.

For the idea to constitute a small German enclave we have the Immo-Italia UG & Co. KG founded to reach for all one satisfactory solution and to move this so at a reasonable price as possible without having to accept high-class losses.


They remain adaptable with our project and independent and will never be “alone”. All fifty households will lie in a narrow vicinity and support themselves according to interests and notification readiness mutually.

In the course of the project the meetings at which the objects are introduced are held. Everybody can introduce itself with his images and ideas as well as claims. At the end a dossier which he can go through in rest again home receives everybody. Special wishes are absolutely possible.

What comes up to us?
The situation in Germany

Nobody of us knows the answers, however, stand out for many dark clouds in the horizon. That’s why it is important to create a retreat refuge which lies outside from Germany, but can be reached in the case of doubt from here by the car. It is as important to build up this refuge as an alternative without giving up his existence basis in Germany. In this way one can keep his financial security in Germany and secure at the same time his future of the German politics independently.

Thus we are based together an enclave of the security and satisfaction for our future life.

For this we have compiled a draught to move the acquisition of houses, Trullos, or Masserien in Italy with a small group of maximum 50 parties.

Our team from structural engineers, architects, lawyers, construction experts, notary publics, tax advisers and many other experts co-ordinates choice and winding up of our refuge. (In the team)

The refuges are moved independently of each other in a small surface radius, so that every arrangement has lain regardless of the other, but the single participants can remain together in contact and support themselves mutually. In this way the personal independence is combined with the strength of a community abroad and contributes to the security and support of the whole project.

The project is shown for everybody clear. That is the fact that everybody is informed from the group always about everything what concerns the buying of his and all other properties.

Group meeting and active exchange within the community already promote in the approach of the planning the cohesion within the project. Of course the group of the imposed secrecy is defeated concerning plannings and the objectives. Because it concerns here purely private interests and we do not appear as outward commercially, everything limits itself to the pure plan to acquire real estate in the south Italy at the moment are extremely favourable.

(Please, do not mistake for the present offers of 1 euro of houses in Italy. These are bound to official default in kind and extent of the renovation works and become so fast a financial monetary grave)

The real estate must be acquired above released or available capital free from debt by the group. Payments by installments are not possible. External financing is not a part of the project, however, stays open to every prospective customer.

Only an acquisition free from debt secures the property of every single within the group.

The way
Our way points southwards – and after the south we will travel.
The aim is called south Italy, linked with the wish on warmth and sea, on freedom and the enjoyment of the life.

Follow us here on the side and convince yourselves of this unique and fantastic possibility to follow in our strong community to your aim after self-determination and an independent life.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator style=”shadow” el_width=”80″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”1221″ img_size=”full” css_animation=”fadeInDown”][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]A communal project

An affordable and nice property for each itself to our project in Apulia connects.
You have to choose the possibility between different house styles like entrance mentioned. Under immovables of plans and ideas you find enough examples.

A group of from at least two to three parties decides on a house style.
The properties are equipped predominantly generously with a lot of country. Properties of more than 10 ha are no rarity and offer therefore a good basis for a future self-sufficiency.
The whole living spaces lie in a scale from up to 500 square metres.
Not seldom from two to three independent houses are on the properties.

After the division enough living space is available therefore to everybody from the group. Details are also discussed and adapted individually.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_separator style=”shadow” el_width=”80″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The project is financed by maximum fifty parties

By the communal project of 50 parties and a unique payment of 150,000 euros per party, corresponds this one total sum of 7.5 million euros.

If the parties everybody for themselves acquired a property, the capital expenditure would be bigger around a multiple one. Everybody itself would have to carry the additional costs and land transfer tax and gen. taxes, lawyer’s costs, contract costs, official extracts and applications.
This is taken over everything from our project Immo-Italia and is covered about the limited partners insert completely.

For it every party receives a refuge in Apulia on his name registered, with an accordingly generous land portion. The size of the living space and the land portion is cleared Projektbezogen with the parties, the parties with the result are at strife another object is offered by us.

Therefore we are to be entered in the situation at all wishes.
The equivalent him you receive, will be far bigger than your investment sum. There there comes the appreciation of value and to rent the possibility the property on time or as a holiday apartment.

You certainly, when your property is rented at which time or when you use the object for your vacation.
If you look after the wish to inhabit the property exclusively independently, you can work in complete silence on a constructive solution to plan a later entire emigration.

Possibility of the renting
Here rental incomes from up to 15,000 to 18,000 euros can be achieved by In.
Therefore gains the available capital which you have introduced in the project an exceedingly good yield and lies with up to 18%. This means an Amortisierung within 10 years.

If requested we can stand to you by a renting of the Immobile helpfully aside. For this many contacts exist on our part.

All tax interests, can be worked on by our tax office Schwerber and Haas, Mr. Thomas Rich (owner of the company), for you.
Juridical matters are worked on by our office in Bolzano. Dr. Alexander Kritziger is specified in the matter of house purchase in Italy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”1222″ img_size=”full” css_animation=”fadeInDown”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_separator style=”shadow” el_width=”80″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”1223″ img_size=”full” css_animation=”fadeInDown”][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The search

Foreign countries refuge were never to be found a light job. There is not only the need to get to know so much as possible about the conditions of the neighborhood, the local schools and the shopping centres, but there is also the need to think about aspects like the size of the house, the situation and the qualities.
This leads fast to an excessive demand of the single and rescues the danger that mistakes are made in the postway can be serious.

We will work with well-known realtors who will help us in every way in the selection of the property. The results are discussed together at the beginning.

All limited partners are equally informed about the development.
They receive at regular intervals info e-mails.
As soon as the first property stands to the arrangement, the first personal appointments can be agreed.

Private project for your security and a together relieved future.

Besides, a unique project for maximum 50 parties, lies the whole investment with 150,000 euros. Other costs do not result.
Now some will say, many cannot afford this. We apologize in advance, but the project is also not made for everybody.

The Immo-Italia project is a private project and no business model.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_separator style=”shadow” el_width=”80″][vc_column_text]

Security against access by the state


The Italian extract from the land register is no land register extract and only the notarial origin document provides information sure about right.

This shows an important factor for the property and prevents first the access to the order of rank in the land register according to German right. Therefore a land register registration cannot occur so simply on the part of the state with regard to a compulsive mortgage, because solely the bill of sale expels the owner. This concerns equally expropriations and distribution of burdens which show a considerable danger in Germany. In Italy, however, such a thing is not possible and will also not enter in the future.

[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]The handing over

After successful purchase and suitable subdivision of the properties the handing over occurs.
The Immo-Italia UG & Co. KG conveys notarially to the limited partners your shares in the form of the immovables with the houses or house shares. This process recurs so long, until all fifty (50) limited partners have received completely your property.

The following information of four little eyes serves the general understanding, these contents are only to your inspection. All these points are worked on by the Immo-Italia with and are also included in your insert.


Kind of the property

  • A – private dwellings
  • B – public buildings
  • C – Trade surfaces
  • D – industrial use

Situation of the property

  • Zone A – Old Town / Historical local core
  • Zone B – residential areas beyond the Old Town / of The historical local core
  • Zone C – not yet opened new building areas
  • Zone D – industrial zones
  • Zone E – Agricultural areas
  • Zone fa – areas for public facilities and arrangements
  • Zone g – undevelopable areas
  • Zone H – natural areas and landscape protection areas

Valency of the real estate

  • A/1 – Exclusively
  • A/2 – Bourgeois
  • A/3 – Reasonably
  • A/4 – Simply
  • A/5 – very simply
  • A/6 – Rurally
  • A/7 – little ones, staying empty houses
  • A/8 – Freely standing houses
  • A/9 – castles or buildings of big, historical or artistic meaning
  • A/10 – business premises and studios
  • A/11 – bar typical houses

The examination into the cadastral data is permitted to everybody and the extracts from the land register can be requested at the cadastral office or be seen online, however, against fee. The topical owner of the property arises as a rule also from the extract from the land register.

An Italian tax number is put on from every single limited partner for all activities. Dr. Alexander Kritzinger is responsible for this in Bolzano.

Speculation tax

Please, note that on the real estate which is resold within 5 years a speculation tax becomes due for the shop assistant! This is raised on the added value (plusvalenza) between purchase price and retail price of the real estate. The shop assistant can choose with whether he pay tax on this Inclusively with 26%, or, however, the profit from the resale on the value added tax would like to add to the account.

Additional payment of the purchase of land tax

The real estate owners who acquire a real estate as a first residence with improved tax rate and resell within 5 years must pay back the difference of the Purchase of land-expensive and value added tax. For the case that within one year from sales date a new real estate with first residence is acquired in Italy no additional payment becomes due.

Money-laundering law

According to regulation of the Italian “money-laundering law” (normativa antiriciclaggio) cash payments and cash check are forbidden more than 3,000 euros in Italy strictly (except from this rule retail dealers and tour are only an operator which product and services to abroad living tourists from up to 10,000 euros in cash may sell). For the property market there is no exception, therefore, the payment river must be given in the bill of sale in lieu of an oath (dichiarazione giurata) and can occur either with the help of a bank credit transfer or a circular cheque. Attention: from the 01st of July, 2020 the border is lowered for Barzahkungen of from 3,000 to 2,000 euros. A disregard is avenged with punishments from up to 50,000 euros.

General tax duty in Italy

Should you move your first residence (residenza) permanently to Italy or Be active professionally there on more than 183 days, are automatically defeated with all your ones worldwide by achieved income of the tax duty in Italy.

The tax is a debt to be discharged at creditor’s domicile in Italy what means that the tax payer (contribuente) the tax has to investigate by specially and to lead away in time, without an assessment notice (cartella depression cup) goes out. Because payment failures or defaults are often avenged only many years later, and then with high fines and suitable interests on arrears (interessi Tu mora), it is advisable anyway to consult an Italian tax adviser (commercialista) which takes over this work for you.

Changes reserve, these are adapted constantly to the topical state.

In Italy there is, apart from South Tirol and isolated smaller areas, no land register system (sistema tavolare) – is consequently necessary for the transference of the real estate property no registration in the land register.

Because property contracts must be still published, however, the registration of the bill of sale is in the so-called. The bill of sale unfolds immovable register (Con-servatoria dei Registri Immobiliari) compelling condition, otherwise towards third no effect.

The ownership structures should arise from the registrations in the immovable register in a property unambiguously. That’s why all processes of the proprietary crossing are noted in principle in the immovable register and the matching contracts or hereditary ways are administered. On this occasion, accredited contracts may be registered only notarially.

The land register delivers against it no information about the ownership structures in a property, but provides merely information about the technical data. On this occasion, it is distinguished between “Nuovo catasto terreni” (N.C.T.) which registers the property according to hall plan, and “Nuovo catasto edilizio urbano” (N.C.E.U). which grasps all detailed property data, among the rest, also the cadastral yield (rendita catastale) from which the tax relevant cadastral value (valore catastale) is calculated.

The land register differentiates the properties in kind, situation and valency in different categories. These serve above all the tax treatment of a property.

This listing is valid for the general overview of attacking costs by the real estate purchase.

All unique fees are included in your cash investment!

With the purchase of a real estate in Italy attack for the buyer a row of unique and yearly returning taxes and fees.

For a suitable overview we have broken down the taxes and fees ordinarily by a purchase of a real estate result.
In our special case almost all points are cancelled for the limited partner because the Immo-Italia are the buyer. With the exception of the taxes then as an owner for the time after the transference result.

Taxes & fees by the real estate purchase

With the purchase of a real estate different taxes (tasse) and fees (imposte) result for the buyer. These are in Italy with highest in whole Europe! Still before the end of a provisional agreement (contratto preliminare) you should find out exactly about the height of all attacking taxes and fees and these can be confirmed at best in writing.


Beside purchase of land tax absolutely to be paid, as well as yearly attacking real estate tax and income tax, are to be paid in some cases with the acquisition of a real estate in Italy also value added tax.

Attention in Italy the real estate sticks for all not yet come under the statute of limitations tax liabilities (debito d’imposta), even if these concern the previous owner. To diminish this risk, the Italian real estate law intends an explicit explanation of the shop assistant (venditore) that he has given the article in his last income tax explanation (imposta sul reddito), otherwise he sticks towards the buyer (acquirente). Remember anyway before end of the bill of sale to get this document of the shop assistant.

Purchase of land tax

The purchase of land tax absolutely resulting by a real estate purchase (imposta sugli acquisti immobiliari) consists of register tax (imposta Tu registro), Mortgage-expensive (imposta ipotecaria) and cadastral tax (imposta catastale). She becomes due by end of the bill of sale with the notary public.

The purchase of land tax is extremely variable there one in Italy not only between kind of the acquired real estate (private or commercial real estate, property with or without planning permission, agricultural property) and kind of the future use (first residence or not), but also after shop assistant’s type (private individual, company, construction company) makes a distinction.

Basis for assessment for the purchase of land tax is the retail price given in the bill of sale. By the sales of residential real estate among private individuals the cadastral value substantially lower as a rule than basis for assessment can be also pulled up since the 1/1/2006. Then this is multiplied by a fixed coefficient accordingly of the Verwendungszecks of the real estate (115.5 for first residence; 126 for second residence).

Calculation of the basis for assessment for the purchase of land tax:

The cadastral value of a real estate amounts to 800 euros.

  • As a first residence used real estate: 800 ∗ 115.5 = 92,400 euros
  • As a second residence used real estate: 800 ∗ 126 = 100,800 euros

Value added tax

By the purchase of new buildings directly from the building contractor the value added tax (IVA) still comes. Also here the height of the attacking value added tax is dependent on whether you use the real estate as a first residence or otherwise and which kind of real estate it concerns.

Income tax

Should you achieve with your real estate in future income from renting or lease, the taxable income of 85% of the gross rent is calculated. Please, note that in Italy also the self-used real estate property of the income tax (IRPEF – imposta sul reddito depression persone fisiche) is defeated. In this case the income tax is determined with the help of the cadastral yield. This means that you are also obliged as a foreign real estate owner, in any case, to the delivery of an Italian tax return! The income tax becomes in two rates the 30th of June (1st deposit) and the 30th of November (2. Deposit / balance) paid.

Real estate tax

Beside the income tax is also an annual municipal real estate tax (IMU – to pay imposta municipale unica). The real estate tax is paid in two rates: 50% up to the 16th of June and 50% up to the 16th of December. With uninhabitable real estate the real estate tax will remit to 50%. As a basis for assessment the cadastral yield (rendita catastale) serves for both the real estate, indeed varies the IMU of municipality for municipality and is depending on size, situation, age, state and status (categoria) of the real estate. These signs are put down in a notarial document (rogito) which is deposited in the cadastral office. If the real estate is used as a first residence, the real estate tax is cancelled, except it concerns a luxury real estate (cadastral categories A1, A8 and A9). more

Be due

Other fees, by the purchase of a real estate result, e.g., the fees are for the notary public, the lawyer’s costs, the broker’s commission as well as other expenses for perhaps consulted consultants or architects: Think also of it this all these services with 22% of VAT are taxed.

Notary public’s fees

The fee of the notary public is extremely variable, however, a large part of the amount of work involved of the notary public amounts quite roughly said between 3,000 and 4,000 euros plus to 22% of VAT There always the same working steps enclosed, independent of the price of the real estate and the extent of the bill of sale, the costs of the notary public are proportionately the higher, the lower the retail price is.

The calculation of the notary public also contains the purchase of land taxes, other achievements claimed by you and other in your name effected, issues. The reimbursement of the notary public is due to usual by end of the bill of sale and is to be paid either directly on site by cheque or, however, few days later by bank credit transfer.

Lawyer’s costs

Above all if it around upscale real estate goes it is no rarity that a lawyer is consulted for the winding up of the purchase formalities. According to arrangement this calculates for his activities approx. 1% to 2% of the purchase price stated in the bill of sale, or, however, a fixed price on the basis of the amount of work involved.

Broker’s fee

There are no universally valid control sentences what the fee of the broker concerns. Nevertheless, in principle the broker receives a certain percentage of the retail price from the buyer as well as from the shop assistant of the real estate. In the Gardasee region a broker’s commission of 3% to 4% is usual. To avoid unsightly surprises or tiresome disputes, it is advisable to fix the height of the commission right at the beginning of the cooperation with a real estate agency.


The not too high costs of a consultant are worthwhile anyway in in consideration of the sum which you must invest for a real estate.



[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner css=”.vc_custom_1512077593521217{max-width:1170px !important;margin:0px auto;}”][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″ css=”.vc_custom_1512077593651219{padding-left:15px !important;padding-right:15px !important;padding-top:0px !important;}”][ucaddon_icon_image_content_box box_title=”How do I live in Puglia?” box_image=”359″ box_icon=”fa fa-home” box_content=”” button_label=”Mehr erfahren…” button_url=”https://immobilien-italia.de/wie-lebe-ich-in-apulien/” box_color=”#5700bd” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″ css=”.vc_custom_1512077593301220{padding-left:15px !important;padding-right:15px !important;padding-top:0px !important;}”][ucaddon_icon_image_content_box box_title=”How do I protect my assets” box_image=”358″ box_icon=”fa fa-money” box_content=”” button_label=”Mehr erfahren…” button_url=”https://immobilien-italia.de/wie-schuetze-ich-mein-vermoegen/” box_color=”#151df6″ uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″ css=”.vc_custom_1512077593561221{padding-left:15px !important;padding-right:15px !important;padding-top:0px !important;}”][ucaddon_icon_image_content_box box_title=”Organisation” box_image=”360″ box_icon=”fa fa-clipboard” box_content=”” button_label=”Mehr erfahren…” button_url=”https://immobilien-italia.de/der-ablaufplan-und-kosten/” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Why you should give attention to our project

Our present situation in Germany

We live in moved times.
The last months have shown us in Germany how quickly radical events can change our all life. With the Corona pandemic, as it exists currently, it concerns even the whole world. The effects on our present life-styles are strongly shaken and before all things our freedoms and fundamental rights are limited very strongly. Many are worried about her existence, her job and her living. Probably most put the question to themselves as it is ordered around her future and those of her children. What are for conditions where school education is made dependent for children by a vaccination of healthy people? The fear of illness and death which is presented to us media on all public canals just as the unstable political situation, poke worldwide the fear of renewed wars. Now the more importantly it is to be traded. If we wait too long, it will be too late for a lot of people.

Consider yourselves who derives which benefit from this virus induced pandemic and how against the free world is used. People wake and recognise that you should be steered by the topical politics through fear. The person may not become the bare object of state action. However, this is the big plan which is officially proclaimed as a Great Reset.

The principal purposes of the representatives of the Great Reset consist obviously in taking over the global political and economic control. For it a Marxist-totalitarian regime and the New World order should be introduced. We do not write here about conspiracy theories, we write about FACTS which are to be found for everybody easily on the Internet. These facts are booked by famous researchers and scientists. An invisible enemy whom the world has used to push the standing out scenario of an economic collapse just sometimes on the Corona crisis? The topical crisis accelerates the end of our currency system. Germany stands therefore necessarily before the question: Socialism or freedom? The phases of the euro-crash could be already rung in.
Because in the form of the running deflation which will flow only into an inflation and then necessarily into a currency reform. „We stand therefore before a huge expropriation of the capital assets as well as an immense rearrangement.“ If we try to solve this crisis with socialist answers, then this means that we ring in in a phase of the civilisation descent.“ So a quotation of Dr. Markus Krall.

In close future compulsive mortgages, distribution of burdens, as well as expropriations threaten us in Germany under circumstances.

How I can protect my property, and how I can save it in this stormy time before the loss by depreciation and “removal”. Italy takes on account of his juridical adjustment with property of a real estate a special position.


Read on here…


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