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For all the interest in it have to attain a bigger independence

Self-sufficiency calls, primarily, autonomous from other people, communities, institutions or states independent lifestyle.

The predominantly rural area of Apulia offers here countless possibilities for a minimum infrastructure.

The objects which we will acquire create a basic condition to be very self-sufficient for the future what means that we capitalise self-sufficiency, also what concerns the energy Photovoltaik arrangements are under discussion, as well as own well stream generators can be connected alternatively also for a bridging structure to the net.

Nowadays heating warmth is produced already predominantly self-sufficiently – possibly about a classical oil kettle or a warm pump. Such a pump is right outside in the house.

According to location, the thermal energy from the earth, the air or from the ground water is won and as a benefit warmth will transfer into the heating system of the house.

One uses the principle of the warm pump also to the chill, possibly with fridges. Also by means of Solarthermie warmth can be won for heating. She functions basically as well as a Photovoltaikanlage, only that the solar energy is converted not into electric energy, but into warmth.

Self-sufficiently live lies in the trend and wins more and more media attention: In the today’s time in which many things of the life are foreign-certain by economy, technology, power production and other areas some people see themselves to take in hand her life independently. They want to procure from the decisive areas, uncouple from the consumption, basic supplies independently and itself make very independently from producers and suppliers, her line of products and her prices.

Self-sufficiently economise: Cultivation of food

In a garden can be grown – according to available surface – an amount of fruit and vegetables what means that one can harvest a lot of food simply himself and must make purchases less.

Who does not dream of more independence? Exactly this the followers of the autarky make a slip.
More and more people live than Selbstversorger*innen and for good reason: Self-sufficiently life indicates to be independent – regardless of ideals and conventions, of the economy and groups.

Moreover, it indicates to form own life – freely from globalisation, profit and achievement, completely (or mainly) without system compulsions as for example tax returns and payment of contributions.

Instead, one lives in the specially created freedom and subsistence economy. Nevertheless, for many the radical climbing out is a too big step. However, also a partly self-sufficient life can bring a lot of independence.

Just Apulia offers here by his climate and the available possibilities of suitable country all possibilities.


In a garden can be grown – according to available surface – an amount of fruit, vegetables and salads what is meant that one can harvest a lot of food simply himself and must make purchases less.

Bread is a basic food, tastes home-made best of all.

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The life finds a way, in the Italian region Apulia. Apulien, che bello![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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