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Even if the project is not necessarily aimed at an immediate emigration, one should enquire about the possibilities at school in Apulia.

Here a few informative insights.
The German distant school inc. offers under the heading „international schools“ the following possibility.

„The German distant school is…

  • … a German elementary school
  • … for German children abroad
  • … from the German central office for the foreign school system recommended.
  • … a full primary education for the class from the 1 to the 4. The time involved is with all around and in it about 4 hours per day.
  • … a German school which has informed more than 12,000 children during the last 40 years worldwide.

The German lesson can be also booked separately – as a supplement for the school visit on site!


You can find a nice page here: Bilingual private school

The “APULIA” language school specializes in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

You find an offer for linguistic travelling here:
Why an Italian linguistic school in Apulia?
Linguistic holidays in Süditalien, in a small town.

Dive into the language, culture and the crystal clear sea of Apulia! The sun full, Caribbean blue sea as well as new acquaintances with people from all over the world – all that expects you with a linguistic trip to Italy and particularly if you choose an Italian linguistic school in Süditalien. We are in Apulia (ital. Puglia), a still original region at the sales point of the Italian boot.

Here everything is easy to grasp: the town, the small lanes in the historical centre of Otranto the school, the people; one searches mass tourism like in bigger centres here in vain. In a provincial town to learn Italian, means that one can talk everywhere without feeling as a stranger. The people face the linguistic students openly and warmhearted.


StartNet Camp My future in Puglia


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