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Sense and the purpose of the initiative

We, that is the initiators of this project are no estate agents and the project is also no business model, the project is a pure private model and finances itself from the cash investments of the limited partners. Hence, the model is limited to fifty parties, plus the initiators. After end of all requirements and the transference of the real estate to the single investors it should be the aim to form a strong community in Apulia.

We belong ourselves to the project and will be the first ones this year real estate in Apulia acquires to be able to become this before the background directly on site for you active and to maintain the community later and to maintain the contacts. In the 7/27/2021 we will have a longer stay in Apulia.
After our return we will document our trip here extensively.

On this occasion, is of benefit for the group that we with our competent partners the possibility have to become active after the Italian regulations in the area of Italian and German tax right and property right.

Also all the other legal issues can be treated by us. This also encloses the building law with if you the intention have to establish on your property other constructions.

Advantages of a real estate purchase in Italy

As we have already described under the point „no land register system (sistema tavolare)“ occurred in Italy no entry in the land register, solely the bill of sale is the proprietary proof in Italy. In Germany is valid basically: Owner is who stands in the land register.

The question, how I can secure the land register against state demands is just in the today’s time an entitled question. Is there a protection insertable in the land register generally? Here follows a clear “NO“.

In the times like today in which the danger grows, that the constitutional giver the laws after a pandemic od. Economic crisis constitutes and the countries past in the parliament are excluded the alliance has an Alleinentscheidungsrecht.

In the past states also used these means to involve landowner by force as a result of economic crises or wars. In Germany this was in the years 1923 and 1948 the case. In practice the compulsive mortgages affected like a surtax for properties. Because real estate remains worth-stable with currency reforms, it was tried by this measure to load the properties preferred through this stronger.

So better do not mistake: the Italian extract from the land register is no land register extract and only the notarial origin document provides information sure about right.

This shows an important factor for the property and it complicates or prevents first the access to the order of rank in the land register according to German right.

Therefore a land register registration cannot occur so simply on the part of the state with regard to a compulsive mortgage, because solely the bill of sale expels the owner. This concerns equally expropriations and distribution of burdens which show a considerable danger in Germany.

We will keep an eye on the development and inform you here at this point of changes. Each takes part in the project, gets, in addition, a newsletter with all important information.

Your right

You will find more information here in the future[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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