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If we look first at our present situation

The European regulation mania, the Genderismus, the spiritual and social rebuilding of our society, the official interventions in the families by those particularly our children are concerned, the so-called. Climate change Corona Situation. All this will affect in future more and more our quality of life in the negative sense. To be quiet completely from the restrictions of liberty and the restrictions. The massive restrictions of the fundamental rights will still probably have long continuance.
Today we have 2021 and nobody new Corona Variante, the so-called knows whether in autumn. Delta virus again to harder restrictions leads. Our quality of life will remain limited in future also furthermore.

Why Italy?
Now one May be able to argue south Italy also to the European union heard. Indeed, the single countries still have her own legal regulations and this considerable advantages have concerning property.

The historical and concrete

An important question is whether there is in Italy also a public land register which performs all rights and charges of the Immobile comfortably in tabular form side by side. In addition the frightening news: No, such a system has only the region South Tirol which enjoys a special status and is already connected for historical reasons closely with Austria. And in all other 19 regions of Italy, there rules there the chaos?

What concerns the rights for real estate, one can say that certainly no chaos rules. Here the regions are followed the French register system which was introduced by Napoleon in the 19th century in many parts of Europe under his control to guarantee the capture of areas for the real estate tax lucrative for him. While the German land register has foils with tables which are grasped today digitally, the Italian immovable register (registro immobiliare or conservatoria) of every region collects the accredited or public documents or also judgments as a legal title for all rights and duties which hang together with a property or a building. Also here every document is grasped, in the meantime, digitally, but in the archives the documents from the past decades still pile up. The immovable register collects chronologically after beneficiaries, publishes and is public. The documents which are to be found here at the request of show the valid legal situation in the respective real estate. Importantly for the prospective customer: Who would like to sell a house, his authorisation with this document must prove.

And attention: an extract from the cadastral office (sucked visura) the same is not like o.g. Origin document. Even if the extract about a real estate reminds in his table form of the German land register and refers to the document – and at best with the information agrees – the information which is to be found in this table is no proof of the existence of a right. The Germans know the cadastral office as a land survey office (also for it Napoleon was the cause). In Italy the cadastral office to the Ministry of Finance is subordinated and serves for the capture of the technical taxation bases. There is found among other things the surface respected by the cadastral office and the tax inspector’s value (valore catastale), the basis for all tax payments is in connection with the real estate. Of course beneficiaries are also given, but this information is “without guarantee”, only the origin document can offer security.

In contrast to the German cadastral office the measurements are not carried out officially, but can occur through privately commissioned engineers. Here it can come just with older buildings to discrepancies between the registered one and the actual state of the real estate. Till ten years immovable registers and land registers were not linked up with each other. This also entailed that origin documents spoke of a henhouse which had been developed in the meantime to a castle. Often an adaptation of the information was forgotten after the rebuilding or the enlargement in the land register – of course this is subject to charges. But now it is a duty of the owners to co-ordinate all information. The shop assistant has to clear whether Istzustand and registered state of the building agree, before it comes then again before the notary public for the next registration about sales.

So better do not mistake: the Italian extract from the land register is no land register extract and only the notarial origin document provides information sure about right.

This shows an important factor for the property and it complicates or prevents first the access to the order of rank in the land register according to German right. Therefore a land register registration cannot occur so simply on the part of the state with regard to a compulsive mortgage, because solely the bill of sale expels the owner. This concerns equally expropriations and distribution of burdens which show a considerable danger for the access of the state in Germany.


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